Trauma Therapy & PTSD Counseling

Trauma is a very broad term, covering everything from sexual abuse and assault to emotional abuse and traumatic loss. Most people have experienced at least one traumatic event in their life, no matter their education, culture, or income—and these traumatic events can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, guilt, feelings of powerlessness, insomnia, self-abuse, or anger. In some cases, trauma can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, where symptoms are severe and interfere with work and relationships.

Trauma & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At Sunset Therapy, most of our approaches to dealing with trauma are based in cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, which relies on restructuring our perceptions of our experiences. This in turn assists us in having better emotional experiences overall. With CBT, we can help you deal with a range of traumas, including:
Sexual, physical, or emotional abuse
The death of a loved one
Experiencing a natural disaster or act of violence
Serious injury or illness

If you’re struggling to deal with a traumatic experience, you don’t have to suffer alone. Schedule an appointment today to learn how to manage your symptoms and move forward.

Monica’s Views on Trauma Counseling

“The majority of my work has centered around assisting clients in moving past their traumas successfully. This often means exploring some of the confusion trauma creates and holding a safe space in which we can work through the impact.”

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