The Healthy Selfie: Technology, Social Media, and Your Mental Health

Training to learn how to create balance in a digital world

From smartphones to video games to the feeling that you have to document every moment of your life on Instagram, technology surrounds us. The role it plays in your life can have both negative and positive effects, depending on how you manage it.

In addition to providing therapy, Monica also provides training to youth, families, and other service professionals on the intersection of technology and mental health/wellbeing. In The Healthy Selfie training program, Monica engages the audience in discussions around ways to create more balance in our use of technology, mindfulness around its impact, and ways of dealing with the issues it brings. Whether you’re a parent trying to help your teenager deal with social media bullying or an adult trying to cut the cord for your own peace of mind, you can benefit from learning how to balance the digital and real world.

The Healthy Selfie program can be tailored to any specific needs and venue, including individual families, youth groups, and students.

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